• Creating a county for every citizen
    JJ FLETCHER FOR MESA COUNTY COMMISSIONER Creating a county for every citizen

Our mission and vision

My family has enjoyed living in Mesa County for 7 Generations!

The first Fletchers moved here in 1880.

Our history is rooted in this valley, our future lies – in this valley!


I intend to steady our economy with well thought out, planned decisions.


We have also recently hit rock bottom, we need to broaden and diversify our base business to prepare for the ups and downs of the National economy.

Social & Desirability

I intend to lead the efforts to make Mesa County a permanent fixture on “Most desirable places to live”!

JJ Fletcher for Mesa County Commissioner

Upcoming Campaign Events

Mesa County Assembly

Mesa County Assembly

21 Mar 2020 -

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Our history is rooted in this valley, our future lies – in this valley!  Help us make a county for every citizen!

  1. To preserve and protect our western Colorado values

  2. Protect our most valuable asset, water

  3. Constitutional 2nd Amendment county

  4. Expanding government, only if needed, solving issues or programs while looking to outsource with the private sector if possible.

  5. Unnecessary taxation is unjust taxation.

  6. Protect private property rights

  7. Support free markets

  8. Less restrictions

  9. Pro-life

  10. The pursuit of Life Liberty and Happiness.

  11. School choice

  12. Individual achievement

  13. Encouraging personal responsibility

  14. Local control of oil and gas development

  15. Promote non- profits

  16. Mental health care reform

  17. Early prevention of crime lifestyle

  18. Wildlife conservation







Board Member of Harmony Acres

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