Who is JJ

I believe in God, our Country, family and neighbors. I have worked hard all my life to honor all these things. I believe that our County will thrive under the right set of conditions, our future lies in our dreams. I want those dreams to come true.

Our County needs a different future than one given us in the past. The booms and busts must be tempered with sound logic and thoughtful decisions. Our citizenry must come first, we must protect, defend and enhance their ways of life.

  1. To preserve and protect our western Colorado values

  2. Protect our most valuable asset, water

  3. Constitutional 2nd Amendment county

  4. Expanding government, only if needed, solving issues or programs while looking to outsource with the private sector if possible.

  5. Unnecessary taxation is unjust taxation.

  6. Protect private property rights

  7. Support free markets

  8. Less restrictions

  9. Pro-life

  10. The pursuit of Life Liberty and Happiness.

  11. School choice

  12. Individual achievement

  13. Encouraging personal responsibility

  14. Local control of oil and gas development

  15. Promote non- profits

  16. Mental health care reform

  17. Early prevention of crime lifestyle

  18. Wildlife conservation







Board Member of Harmony Acres

Moments from the Campaign